Fashionable Hairstyles Women Should Get in 2020

Jacob Tier

Every new year brings something new to the table. Hair trends change like the seasons, and before you know it, the list of fashionable hairstyles women need to stay trendy has changed. Here are some of the latest hairstyle trends for women to consider when going to the salon.

  • Windswept Wavy Hair
Windswept Wavy Hairstyles 2020

The windswept wavy look manages to be chic without being too fancy. This hairstyle is the definition of low-maintenance hairstyles. You can create this look at home by giving your natural hair a windswept look. The idea behind windswept hair is to have your hair reflect your own free-spirted and carefree nature. Don’t be afraid to use a curler to add some curls to your hair before styling it.

  • Shaggy Layers
Shaggy layers Hairstyles 2020

The new year brings with it new energy. Showcase that energy through your hairstyle. Make a statement with your hair and let it do all the talking for you. This hairstyle gives your hair plenty of texture and volume. Adjust how many layers you have in your hair according to the structure of your hair.

  • Elegant Twisted Back Bun
Elegant Twisted back bun Hairstyles 2020

Everyone wants to have a hairstyle that looks and feels cool during the summer. This new fashionable style for women is a multipurpose look suited for any kind of event. Whether you are going to the office or a birthday party, you can count on this style. Add some accessories and flowers to make this look a part of your ethnic wear.

  • Messy Ponytail
Messy front fringes ponytail Haircuts 2020

The beauty of this hairstyle is in how messy it is. It’s nothing out of the ordinary but, if you do it properly, you’re sure to turn some heads. Use hairspray on your hair to maintain an even texture that lasts for hours out on the town.

  • Curtain Fringes

There are plenty of fashionable hairstyles women can enjoy with medium-length hair. One option is to go for a layered haircut with longer bangs. Get your bangs curtain-shaped to complete the look.

  • Diffused Curls with Headband

The latest fashionable hairstyles women are choosing are about making the most out of your hair. Whether you have short or long hair, the right accessory can make all the difference. Headbands are a perfect complement to any look. Take your curly hair to the next level with a diffuser. Get a classic chic bohemian look with a cloth headband.